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Policemen are getting younger

Let’s face it – at my age, everybody is getting younger, even Dr Who. Yes, we’ve finally said goodbye to David Tennant (:() ages after the remainder of the televiewing public of course. All we have to do now is catch up with the Matt Smith episodes. Who, incidentally, hails from UEA, where Miffy Jnr is about to embark on his final year.

Earlier, the young chap at the health food shop introduces himself- turns out he was at school with our son. Gracious me, I feel so old!

Meanwhile, dreams…yes…well… My earlier worries that the good Doctor would filter through into my subconscious seem to have been unfounded. Unfortunately, sundry other bits and bobs have wormed their way in in his place. Sooo embarrassing! If this is the effect all my healthy eating is having on the system, I dread to think what’ll happen if I sucuumb to good old fat-ridden fish and chips or a curry. What did Jung eat, I wonder?

Lightweight intellectual and political ponderings

Or put another way:

“O wad some Power the giftie gie us
To see oursels as ithers see us!”

As a lightweight, flighty,flittergibbet, if you believe all you read. According to Wikio, in whose august directory I’ve currently reached the dizzy heights of number 18920, (Woowhooo!!! – no, I’ll not be adding their badge to Musings just yet), Musings falls into the ‘Entertainment’ category. When I checked further, it’s become clear that my prelidiction for the goings-ons of a certain Mr D Tennant may have something to do with it. How embarrassing. This wasn’t my intention at all. When first I put pen to paper – or finger to mouse – in 2004, I was under the impression that my profound theological gems were just what the blogosphere had been waiting for all these years. So, what happened?

Even more odd – is my presence in a local directory, amidst sundry worthy and politically minded bloggers. Not that I’m complaining; never let it be said that I can’t rise to a challenge! What would Dr Who have voted, that’s what I’d like to know.