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Hrmph! Here’s another absentee wiblogger emerging from the shadows, after a long-time dalliance over on blogger. The innards of Musings are working, I’m glad to say; reading Chelly’s warning about the prevalence of pork luncheon meat prompted me to stir myself and log on again. I appear to be spam free, thank goodness, even if my stats have that lonely, moth-eaten look to them. I do still read some of you regularly though via the listing on my other blog and I loved meeting up with some of you earlier in the year at Smudgie’s licencing.

So, what’s been going on down our way since my last post here? Well, the late, great Miffcat Mk3 has been replaced by moggie Mk4, aka Tigercat – a rather skew-whiff, feisty chap, with a passion for hunting games and an apparent allergy to vets. This last probably resulting from his experiences after a horrible road traffic accident back in his misspent youth. Jekyll and Hyde just isn’t in it, as Mr M and I, one vet and a vetinary nurse can certify. At the sight of a needle he transforms from ‘Simon’s Cat’ into a spitting, scratching, growling devil. Ouch. But we love him all the same. He’s certainly leaving his mark – usually in the form of a little ‘present,’ in front of his litter box for me to discover at crack of dawn.

The offspring are pottering along nicely. Ms M is well established in graphic design now; Mstr M currently working on his masters disertation:Umpteen thousand words on Gormenghast in the style of an autopsy report, anyone?

And Mr M? Well, he’s gradually getting back into cycling after a year or so’s break. Myself? Well, still ‘Seabirding,’ (are you still around, Rosamundi?); being on the area team for this has been a fair old learning curve for me. As has the process of getting involved in giving spiritual direction, following on from training some years back. Does anyone remember those cryptic entries about my trips down to the land of seabirds and brisk sea breezes?

Most of my online musing goes on now over at Growing Greenpatches but I’ll try and get back over here more often, I promise.

Shock, horror, revelation

Hello, I’m Miffy and…wait for it…I’m harbouring an uncontrollable urge to acquire a wheeled shopper! Is there any hope for me? Pop over to my Greenpatches blog to find out more…if you dare. 😉

Other than that, the summer season is in full swing chez Miffy. Offspring One is sunning herself in Malta. Offspring Two and his mates have just set off* for La Belle France, and Mr M has launched himself back into his training programme. No big events this year, though plans are in the pipeline for a reprise of part of his 2006 TDF shadowing for 2011. And talking of pipes, the Miffy internal plumbing is again under investigation, though indications point to nothing serious; hopefully, it’s due to time of life. (Which might account for my weird urges above!). Could make for an interesting time at Greenbelt, though. I’ll need to steer clear of all those lovely, exotic food stalls. (Bah!)

* Armed with a pile of cheese and egg and watercress sandwiches to last them five days, I’ve just been informed. Again, this could be ‘interesting.’

2009 revisited

April Plinth man, cool specs, Marilyn Monroe, Paris Marathon and water, water everywhere: The Miffy 50th Birthday trip to Venice.

Pax et Bonum: The Seabird has landed!

May “Ouch aye!” The “Etack” Caledonia and Wessex Wanderings.

July No, not a chipmunk; it’s a Marmotte.

Felicitations: L’Etape du Tour and Brisk Sea Breezes.

Felicitations, encore! Ms M graduates.

August “Whan that Aprille..” well, August actually. Pilgrimage Number One.

Greenbelt 2009  Fear not!

Franciscan recruiting tactics at Greenbelt.

Greenbelt 2009  zzzzzzzzzzzz

Mr M is slain in the spirit.

September/October Climb evry mountain; ford every stream…all thousand and one of them. The Miffys tackle the Via Podiensa – Le Puy en Valay to Conques.

Mr M does various other things involving cycles, rain, and the LEL.
November Miffy goes on retreat.

Me-me-me-meeee! Miffy goes green;proving without doubt that she is an Enneagram Type 6 and proud of it!

Here be Dragons… “Newchurch” goes even greener.


Having blogged more in the last week than she’s done in the preceeding six months, Miffy collapses in a chair with a glass of bubbly. Happy New Year to one and all!

LEL Progress

The beloved has obviously been making like the gentlemen in Robert Browning’s How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix. Yesterday evening Mr M tweeted from near Middlesborough; at 9.30 a.m. today he texted from Edinburgh. I’m not sure whether to be pleased or worried!

To unrelated matters: Can one catch swine flu off one’s pc, I wonder? I’m hoping the scratchy throat is just the result of overdoing the nice Julian Grave’s chrystallised ginger.

You’ll take the high road…

Acdording to a text from Mr M last night, he was cycling somewhere near Lincoln. The bets are on as to where he’s reached now. I’ve visions of a lone figure with miner’s lamp attached to his helmet, winding his weary way along Hadrian’s wall, scaring the wotnots out of the odd ghostly Roman centurion or three. As I said, he is meant to be twittering his progress, so maybe I’ll get more up to date news from there. Yes, I have signed up (reluctantly). Though as my mobile phone is practically steam driven I’ll only be accessing it via my equally steam-driven desktop, which kind of defeats the object. Never mind, let Vodaphone rejoice; Greenbelt is not far off, where it’ll get its annual workout.


Vanity of vanities; all is vanity

good news as I said earlier. I dived into a certain highstreet photographers today for the requested passport photo to emerge five minutes later with a handful of portraits of the Monster of The Swamp. Now I realise I’m not exactly photogenic, but still… So, I was forced to spend a happy half hour making a few subtle adjustments to one of the few decent pics of Your Truly instead. Granted I’m not the world’s expert on photoshop; Mr M did point out that I look a trifle green, but no matter. The way I looked before, I was a dead ringer for our son’s late pet Beardie!

Daughter ‘casually’ dropped the subject of Swine flu into the phone conversation just now. As in she might have it. Well, not yet, but having been in contact with umpteen folk who’ve caught it, who knows? For some reason, just the mention of the wretched thing and I start to feel green round the gills. It must be psychosomatic. As Mr M pointed out when I mentioned poor Rosamundi’s latest – infection via the internet has yet to happen. Mind you, the two of us have not a few things in common. We are both oblates. We both have a penchant for going away on pilgrimage. (I have two coming up in the next month or so alone). This Is Worrying…. 😉

Other news: Mr M, after much protest, and in the interests of communiciating his forthcoming participation in the LEL ride, has given in and signed up to Twitter. I despair. Whatever happened to Simplicity?

Suitable restrained “Whoopee!”

Re “Grump,”. Good news! \o/ :D. Well I never! I shall have to go out and equip myself with protective headgear in case of offerings from on high – aka Seabirds, (the non Franciscan kind). Plus copious supplies of industrial strength hairspray. My hair and sea breezes have never got on well together; the windswept look doesn’t suit a matron of my advanced years.

More good news. Mr M, newly home from his European tour, just learned that he came 200th out of 9,500 riders in the Etape Du Tour!



It’s all quiet in the Miffy household, with both menfolk away in exotic climes. Over in France, Mr M is all set to take part in tomorrow’s Etape du Tour – from Montelimar to the notorious Mt. Ventoux. (notorious indeed – he had a nasty fall there a while back). Meanwhile, Mstr M just called me from the frozen wastes of East Anglia where he’s taken up his new abode, in the hopes of getting some work before next terms begins. Most of his wordly goods remain chez Miffy for now. A flatmate is bringing up some of his luggage next week. Unfortunately, he handed her the wrong case, as a result of which he had to lug a load of heavy tech stuff across London this afternoon. So, he has a radio to listen to, but no clothes or bedding. Never mind, all is not lost. He is the proud possessor of one toilet roll – rose scented! (Mum had a frivolous moment at Marks and Spencer yesterday).

Swine flu is ‘sweeping through’ local schools and businesses, according to the local rag, which makes me wonder if I should take the whole business more seriously than I’ve done up to now. I’m fighting hard not to make silly suggestions on the’ Ship’ thread about how this might affect liturgical practices. (Rice paper for disposable service sheets, anyone?) Our diocese – like most – has some sort of an action plan to be put into force in the event of a pandemic – even if I’ve not noticed anything happening nearer to home. At a eucharist yesterday we all received in both kinds as usual. Maybe this practice will change. Have any churchgoing wibloggers noticed any changes?

Climb evr’y mountain


The pic above shows Mr M climbing every mountain.

Should you suffer from vertigo, I’d advise you not to watch the clip below, taken by a fellow competitor of Mr M’s at last Saturday’s ‘La Marmotte’ event.