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More memories

You know you’re growing older when poor Adrian Mole is struck down with the big ‘ C.’ (No prizes for guessing which kind; the title is a dead giveaway!) Poor Adrian! Although his character is a good ten years younger than Mr M and myself, we, too are embarking on that stage of life when, if not exactly falling to pieces physically, our bodies are beginning to show signs of wear and tear, some of them distinctly unglamorous, and in my case, those that Mr Mole definitely won’t be experiencing! In my case, also, I’d hope my ongoing grumbles are nothing like in the same league, although some of Adrian’s experiences of the NHS made me smile, (his tussles with the vagaries of the local surgery’s booking systems, for example). Anyway, thanks goes to Miffy Jnr for a great pressie. I’ll not include any spoilers, but I’m sure it’s ok to say that Sue Townsend’s writing is as good as ever, and, that she’s left the door open to yet another book. We may well see “Adrian Mole: The Bus Pass Years” yet.