Monthly Archives: May 2013

Nous sommes ici

et M Miffy est encore en France, velo-ing away somewhere in the sunny south; last time I heard from him he’d just about got over the shock of leaving his mascot teddybear up a mountain!

Back home, while the cat’s away…I’ve had an unwonted and uncharacteristic burst of energy spring cleaning round house and garden. Peace, perfect peace – too much so in fact, as I discovered on Bank Holiday Monday when Ms Miff phoned me from New York to ascertain if I was still alive. (I’d a visitor a few days previously, set the phone answering service to cut in straight away so we’d not be disturbed, but had forgotten to set it back afterwards). I’d thought it was odd that I’d not heard from anybody for a while!

So, there we are. The house – well – parts of it anyway are looking as minimalist as it’s ever going to be, as is this blog. I could get to like the loo