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And another week over

Even without the excitement of the pet blessing service – it’s been quite a week, culture-wise (using the word in its widest sense;). I’d forgotten to mention last weekend’s trip with a friend to see Our House – the Musical. No prizes for guessing what thatwas about. It was great! Two hours or so of light, colour, music, fun…With enough of an underlying seriousness to give the impression that the writer wasn’t simply fitting the songs to the plot; it wasn’t just a jolly singalong. As it was a local production we also had the fun of spotting folk we knew amongst the cast – always good for a laugh.

Then on Tuesday out for our regular singing spot.

Thursday, Mr M and I were back down at the theatre again, to see an adaptation of Michael Morpurgo’s Friend or Foe. Again, another superb production from the same company who toured with Private Peaceful a few months ago. A simple set, just five actors and within five minutes we were transported back to WWII and the adventures of a couple of evacuees. That grown men can convincingly play the part of an 11 year old is a testament to their acting skill. And with such a small cast, the chopping and changing of parts had all the potential for disaster, yet everything went smoothly. Friend or Foe is a set text for one of the Key Stages in school – hence the question and answer session with the cast after the play which was one of the highlights for us. We’re so lucky having the arts centre close to home; we may not always have the big productions they have in the West End, but what we do get is generally first class.

Then on to Friday afternoon, when I arrived home just in time to listen to son, making hisdebut. First class again, but then I’m his mum so hardly unbiased. It was a wee bit nerve-racking – Parental Guidance as I said at the time, but we’ve got over it. No doubt offspring will be relieved to know that next Friday, Mum at least, will be off in the wilds of North Wales contemplating her navel and well without the reach of all modern technological communications. So he can Breathe Easy. Though I’m dying to know whether they follow up the Breakfast Music theme. I wonder what tracks you could choose?

I Love God’s Tiny Creatures…

that wand’r wild and free…

…at times I was taken back years to when the children were small; sitting there trying to mouth ‘For the Beauty of The Earth’ and ‘Morning has Broken’ whilst keeping an inquisitive, wriggly Fido with the attention span of a gnat from misbehaving, fidgeting, and generally ‘showing us up’ was a salutary reminder of what life used to be like every time I went to church. At the point when we were asked to hold and pray for our pets, I was bent down busily trying to remove congealed bits of half-eaten doggie treats from under the pew and untangle the lead from round us both.

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