Monthly Archives: January 2011

Testing testing

One of the drawbacks of neglecting your blog: It’s only now that I’ve discovered that my new, all-singing, all-dancing laptop seems to be allergic to links; won’t let post any of any kind over on The Ship, (do you think it’s censoring me?), whilst here, Youtube clips are verboten.

So, if you should feel the urge to see where my wanderings took me this week, you’ll need to go direct to the horse’s mouth – or sunny Salisbury. Let’s say I had quite an illuminating if watery experience.

Alternatively, hop over to my other blog.

Now, let’s see…Hmm… Aaagh!!! (Head in hands after umpteen abortive attempts and warning messages…) 🙁

OK – If you want simple, so be it… Last Wednesday, I went to Salisbury Cathedral to see the Bruce Munro installations ‘Lightshowers’ and ‘Watertowers.’ If you want to see them, get yourself over there pronto. They’re there until the end of February.


Summer Days

We’re back into the wool-lined boots after a few flakes of snow fell this morning. It’s still not too early to start making travel plans, of course; today saw Mr M get on the phone and my good self hop down to the station as we began to sort out the fine details for our next major ‘expodition’ later this Spring. By the time I got back – he’d got to the Scottish borders as far as I could make out. Meantime, my estimation of the amount of clobber needed with us seems to be getting smaller by the minute, in direct correalation with the state of my back. At the last count I’d whittled it down to one set of clothes on, one off with a possible third sent ahead of us. Yes, and this does incude undies. Looking on the bright side – at least the smell will deter would-be predators!

Looking even further ahead – Mr M won’t be able to do Greenbelt this Summer. If I go at all, it will have to be solo. So, I’ve spent a number of happy hours online checking out tents suitable for a creaky-boned Miffy of uncertain age, that are a) simple to put up, and, more importantly, from what I can glean from reviewers, even simpler to put down. It was only as I watched the last few seconds of one Youtube demo where a nice young man appeared to be wrestling with what looked like a large black binliner, that I realised he was trying to put it away, not up. As I have difficulty folding and unfolding your average deckchair, I’ll need to practice in the comfort and privacy of my back garden before I try and pitch camp in full public glare.