Monthly Archives: November 2010


So far, so good; we’ve not been affected by the snow down our way, yet. In fact, this morning was glorious – crisp, but blue skies as we sped down the long and winding road to a hospital appointment. This last is, thankfully, purely routine; a follow-up to the last year’s investigations, which, as I’ve mentioned earlier have ruled out anything sinister. What I have is more in the realms of mudane and distinctly unglamorous, if par for the course as one grows older. Thus it was I spent a happy time discussing the state of my innards with a kindly doctor, whilst Mr M took himself off for a spiced ginger something or other in the hospital’s Costa. Talk about letting it all hang out. I now have a detailled knowledge of my anatomy that would have come in handy thirty five years ago for biology O Level, if only I’d had the motivation!

I reminded the beloved en route that it was this time last year when an unexpected snowfall blocked off the entire route back home Loads of people had to spend the night in their cars! Thank goodness we’ve not had a repeat performance. I didn’t fancy trying to survive on one packet of polos, which was all we had with us at the time.

Let’s hope everything holds out tomorrow. I’m hoping to hurtle off down the line to a craft fair before hurtling back for a choir rehearsal for a concert in the evening. So, please, no snow. Whilst we’ve been asked to wear something ‘Christmassy,’ I think that being a dead ringer for Rudolph is carrying things a little too far!

Seasons of mists

I’ve just peeped out of the study window to see grey clouds; yesterday’s mists do seem to have cleared. I’m also pleased to note that Ms M’s flight has landed safely in New York. After massive delays at a fog-bound Heathrow, (think lunchtime flight) they eventually took off at 8.20 pm according to the site, and that was only because they’d been recheduled to land at Newark, not JFK. Not the best way to spend the first day of your holiday; poor Ms M. Eight hours all to yourself sans interruptions is one thing, she’d been really looking forward to that; however, this must have been beyond her wildest dreams.

The mists took us all by surprise yesterday. I was in a shop buying boots at the time. The assistants there did wonder for a minute if it was actually smoke they were seeing! Maybe it was all a screen, to disguise the presence in town of the numerous reporters,who, according to Ms M yesterday, are swarming round the place on account of a certain engagement having been announced in the area! Can’t say I noticed anybody myself, then again, maybe we’re not posh enough to have them venturing into our part of town!