The therapeutic approach to customer service

Received in the post today from our friendly gas board:

“Dear Mrs Miffy,

Recently, we visited you to service or repair your central heating/boiler.

We would like to know how we left you feeling?”

Heavens above. I thought this was meant to be an annual service, not a counselling session. 🙂

3 thoughts on “The therapeutic approach to customer service

  1. My grandmother always used to say, “Better out than in!” Perhaps this applies to heating, as well as human, plumbing?

  2. I got a letter at work from Barclays Wealth. It started
    “Dear Sirs, I hope this finds you well”.

  3. Chuckle, chuckle, giggle out loud! 🙂

    Life is getting a bit too touchy-feely in some departments, isn’t it?
    What might be an appropriate answer? “Dear Gas Board, You left me feeling warmer / more carbon efficient / poorer / I should take out shares in a tea company as your engineers drank more in one hour than we drink in a year”


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