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Policemen are getting younger

Let’s face it – at my age, everybody is getting younger, even Dr Who. Yes, we’ve finally said goodbye to David Tennant (:() ages after the remainder of the televiewing public of course. All we have to do now is catch up with the Matt Smith episodes. Who, incidentally, hails from UEA, where Miffy Jnr is about to embark on his final year.

Earlier, the young chap at the health food shop introduces himself- turns out he was at school with our son. Gracious me, I feel so old!

Meanwhile, dreams…yes…well… My earlier worries that the good Doctor would filter through into my subconscious seem to have been unfounded. Unfortunately, sundry other bits and bobs have wormed their way in in his place. Sooo embarrassing! If this is the effect all my healthy eating is having on the system, I dread to think what’ll happen if I sucuumb to good old fat-ridden fish and chips or a curry. What did Jung eat, I wonder?

Pet Sitting

To: Miffy Jnr c/o Hop Farm Festival
Re: Your triops

Dear Son,

In the unlikely event that you stumble upon this blog, could you please drag yourself away from His Royal Bobness for long enough to reply to your father’s text asking where you left the fishfood. The only stuff of any nutritional value to be found in your room is a tube of Boots fizzy Vitamin C tablets. I don’t think these will prove a suitable alternative. The ‘dozens of delightful creatures’ promised on the box have remained static at three, and since I got in, they appear to be mounting a go-slow. That – or they are experiencing a call to the ermitical life. Either way, they are nowhere to be seen.


The therapeutic approach to customer service

Received in the post today from our friendly gas board:

“Dear Mrs Miffy,

Recently, we visited you to service or repair your central heating/boiler.

We would like to know how we left you feeling?”

Heavens above. I thought this was meant to be an annual service, not a counselling session. 🙂