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Daye Sixe – the ende is in sighte at laste

Ande so at laste, the Miffyes reachethe ye longe ande (mostly) non-wyndyge waterwaye - the olde Kennete ande Avon
Mstr Miffye espies an snaille wendyge its weariewaye towardes home
Theye reade of straunge wondryes
y meete evene straungre creatures on lande
ande sea. Here be pirates!
Withe the ende not yette in sighte, ye wearie pilgrimes maketh an executive decision
To leave ye pilgrime pathe for ye fleshpotes of Hungerforde
Wheyre they dyne royallye atte ye olde Tutti Pole teashoppe

(Though thankes be to Gode hayynge miss’d ye Hocktide jiggery-pokerye bye one daye)

before takynge ye olde Firste Greate Westerne chariote backe to theyre dwellinge place

Here endyth this tayle of derringe – doe. We truste alle ye readers thereofe findethe spirituale succoure inne suche an accounte ande thatte theye, too, willst feele y inspirede to tayke to ye hilles and groves offe oure greene ande pleasaunte lande.

Daye Fyve

Daye Fyve and sadyre ande wisyre the Miffyes decyde for to tayke an shorte cutte
alonge ye note so longye ande windyge roade to an friendlye hostelrye
Ye Jacke Russelle of ye village of Faccombe,wheyre theye passe an houre or threye samplynge ye local cidre etc
ande disportynge themselves by (note inne!) ye vilage ducke ponde
After whiche theye sommone an chariote of irone for to conveye them to Crofton, ye dwellinge place of ye olde pumpinge station
Ye enginmannes reste beyinge closed, the Miffyes maken yr waye to ye friendlye Bee yn Bee
thenne repaire to ye olde vilage hostelrye in ye litel Wiltone for to downe vaste quantityes of currye ande ale

Daye Foure

The Miffyes wenden theyre waye to...guess wehre?
Withe lighte hearte and nimble feete
deeeee de-de-de-de-de-de, diddle-diddle dee, diddle-didde deeee....

The Miffyes trippe theyre merrie waye to Watershippe Downe

Sheepe maye safely graze
But tavernes were there none. Mstr Miffye enjoyes a co-operative cheese and tomato sandwhich whilste Miffye powdrs hyre nose in yonder hedgerowe
Thenne, twas juste a lighte sauntre oe'r hille,dale, a 'quicke' diversion for to avoide becomyge roadkille on the A34 crossynge
Ande, makynge lyke a rabbite this tyme
Oure brayve pilgrimes reache an humble taverne
Withe the largeste footbathe seene this syde of heavene!

Daye Three

Whyche Waye? The Miffyes wenden the wearie roade from Alreforde (olde) to Overton
This Waye!
Abbotstone Downe
Theye brave thicketes
Encountere straunge beastes
Dyne greately on chippes and cidre
ande, after wandrynge thru pastures of sheepe ploppe
Reache Overton

Daye Two

Miffye strides forth
The longe yn windynge roade
Sainte Swithens Waye and River Itchen
An Englisshe Countrie Garden
Makynge lyke a snaille.
Yr pilgrimes wenden thyre waye to Alreforde (Olde) home of the Watercresse lyne
The roade lesse travvelled
And so to sleepe. The Miffyes eschewe the fleshpotes of Alderforde (Olde)
For somethynge more dyvyne and semely

Spryinge hath sprunge

Whan that Aprill, with his soures shoote,
The droghte of March hath perced to the roote;
And bathed eery veyne swich licour,
Of which vertu engendred is the flour…(theyre followythe an lengythe passayge of purple prose)
…hanne longen folk to goon on pilgrimages…
…And specially from the backe ende of Engelond,to Wintonceastre they wende.

The Miffyes sette offe

Doth anybodye know of an goode middel Englysshe translator, please?

Looking forward

Belated Easter greetings to everybody. Spring has sprung, and, as always, the Miffy household begins to plan its travels – of the four, two-wheeled – even the two-footed variety. Who would have thought that one could get quite so excited over thermal baselayers ( vests and long johns to the uninitiated!), dry bags, hydration systems, and, I’m ashamed to admit, that new-fangled ‘Shewee!’ (No, I’ve not yet plucked up the courage to ‘practice in the shower’ as per the user instructions). Shudders.

However,’The best laid plans of mice and men’ etc… Our Greenbelt arrangements have had to be tweaked suddenly, and yesterday saw us doing what we said we’d never do again after fifteen years or so of camping en France with the children. No, we’re not dashing off to buy the best Millets has to offer; that would be a step too far! But (if current negotiations are successfully negotiated) we should be staying on site for the first time. All will be revealed in due course, (don’t get too excited – or my stylish purple striped baselayer combo will be a sad let-down to all concerned). Let’s just say we will be following true wibsite camping tradition. And, with luck, I’ll have a refuge in which to down umpteen Nice Cups of Tea and contemplate my (purple-striped navel) until the cows come home.

As I said…the best laid plans.