Whizz pop whizz pop pop pop!

Mr M, recycled from last year.

” ‘Whizz pop whizz pop pop pop poppety pop pop,’ faster and ever so much faster flew the pancakes. Thicker and thicker. Bigger and bigger. They came out flatways and edgeways. They shot high in the air and stuck to the ceiling. One sailed across the room and hit the Vicar in the waistcoat, where it may or may not have reminded him of the ironholders for the South Crashbania natives. Pop poppety, pop pop pop. It was like a machine gun but much more sploshy. The Professor struggled out of his pancake just in time for another one to drop over him. Two pancakes were on the clock, four were draped over the light. The Mayor was eating his way through a complete set of pancakes of varying sizes that had fallen in front of him. The four firemen put their helmets on and brandished their axes, but only succeeded in smashing two cups, one saucer and the sugar basin. Mrs Flittersnoop put her head gingerly out from under the table and was immediately gummed to the carpet by a three-foot pancake two inches thick that had just shot out.”
From The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm by Norman Hunter

Is anybody here old enough to remember the Professor? Colonel Dedshott? Mrs Flittersnoop? And the wonderful pancake-making machine which goes berserk and attacks the Great and the Good of Lower Pagwell? Though in true make do and mend tradition it takes on a new lease of life making paving slabs for the town council.


6 thoughts on “Whizz pop whizz pop pop pop!

  1. Me, too. And I always remember poor Colonel Dedshott. whose head used to go round and round as he struggled to understand the Prof. I know the feeling only too well!

  2. I read Professor Branestawm too, although I don’t remember much about it. Was it that book where the King, Queen and all the court each changed the clock by an hour?

  3. Ian, as ever, Amazon is your friend. Why not treat yourself? 🙂 Make sure you get the original , as I think they may since have issued a new, pc version for younger readers.

    Farli – Not sure. Could have been from the time machine episode. I’ll need to dig out my copy and see.

  4. Certainly I remember him and his contraptions, sorry inventions.

    I was thrilled to find a copy of one of the original books at a school fete one day. I gave it to my nephew and told him his father used to enjoy the stories too.

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