DIY Antics – Never Again!

It seemed like a good idea at the time; just a quick spot of DIY. What I didn’t allow for is that my technical skills are as lacking in the virtual carpentry department as they are IRL. What should have been a few minutes widgeting over on Shelfari has taken up most of the afternoon, taking in system crashes, books vanishing into the ether and shelves almost as wonky as the ones chez Miffy. Happily, all’s well now. Should you fancy a quick browse, do hop over to Greenpatches.

5 thoughts on “DIY Antics – Never Again!

  1. i’m so glad you survived! is this one of those situations you could hire next time…? perhaps not – but i’m very impressed that you did it! 😀

  2. Thanks. It really took it out of me. I was forced to open the last box of Christmas choccies to speed my recovery. 🙂

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