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Ecclesiology and Beards 2

So far, so good. Ian’s suggestion bears out my hypothesis Thank you, Ian!

Now who’s next in the parade of the ecclesiastical beardies? Let me see… ah yes! What about your original hairy Franciscan, Fr Richard Rohr? I think that proves my point.

Then let’s not forget Mr Emergent church himself – Brian McLaren. On the other hand, he does seem to be resisting all attempts to classify him. Let’s have another go. Oh, what happened there? Bang goes my theory.

Ecclesiology and beards

Following on from my last musings, here’s a question for all you intellectuals out there: Could ‘facial fungus’ (or the lack of it) – be an indicator of one’s theological bent or churchmanship? Mr M and I have been pondering this vexing question ever since he noticed the preponderance of beards on show during last weekend’s Burns supper. Newchurch has a vague, liberal Anglo-Catholic feel to it. Might this mean that the higher up the candle you go, the less you’ve need of your remington supershaver – or whatever it is you call them? Name your favourite Christian ‘beardie,’ and prove me right (or wrong). First off – the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Can the bus pass be far behind?

Obviously not, judging by a chance remark made to me after this morning’s service. ‘Doesn’t my son come to church with me,then?’ (Thinks: Odd question, of course he doesn’t; he lives several hundred miles away!). It took a while for the dreadful truth to sink in… they were referring to Mr M! My very own Milk Tray Man, last seen cavorting with my good self at the previous night’s Burns Supper. Speechless!! Granted I might be looking a teensy bit under the weather atm, but still… Help! I must be turning into a Pepperpot. Fetch me my bus pass.

Mr M, needless to say, is thrilled to bits!


Thawing out?

Well, it’s been fun. We’ve been fortunate enough here in that the snow hasn’t proved too disruptive to our normal existence. (My course was cancelled this week. I’ll be interested to see if the organisers make up the session by amalgamating material; the mind boggles at the prospect of Carmelite being merged with Charismatic and Evangelical spirituality, for instance!). I’ve also gained valuable thinking time; with my current health worries, I’d have found it difficult to plunge straight back into the usual routine. But now I’d like to get back to normal.

In need of a plumber

Let’s see what this does to my stats!

Happily, the Miffy household hasn’t had any problems with frozen pipes, blocked toilets or wonky boilers during the Big Freeze. And I’d like to think I’m setting a new trend in cold weather wear for the Over Fifties; my current bedtime ensemble consisting of black thermal vest with matching black lace pyjama top and bottoms, subtle pink checked brushed cotton jim hams, navy wool cardi, Victoria’s secrets dressing gown and two pairs of bedsocks.

It’s my internal plumbing that seems to be in need of attention at the moment. Gallstones are ‘off,’ according to a pre-Christmas scan, but just in case I was feeling short-changed, a couple of other bits ‘n pieces have been spotted which need further checking out, hence more tests are booked for early February. Beaker rules OK! Though that said, after a week of (restrained) mememeing I’m beginning to get thoroughly bored with the whole thing and am doing my best to put it to the back of my mind.

On a more cheerful note, at least all this hanging round hospitals will give me a chance to do some serious reading. Suggestions, anybody?

Ah the simple pleasures of life!

So, here we are in 2010 – a new decade. How time flies! I was reminded about this in church this morning, while all the children were queueing up for their banners to wave during the final hymn. The last time I wielded one of these (banner, not a child), was during our churches together joint open-air service for the new millennium…nearly ten years ago! It can’t be that long, surely? But the calendar (and the mirror) says it is.

Nowadays, my idea of excitement is to spend a happy half hour in Millets during the Christmas rush, checking out their buy one, get one half price offer on ‘thermal baselayers,’ (sounds so much more glamorous than ‘thermal vest and long-johns, doesn’t it?). Son (19), was even more excited when I presented him with his charcoal- grey manly- looking combo. May it remain on record that the top half cut a dash in the local nightclub on Christmas eve and likely prevented him from freezing to death afterwards. For those who don’t know these things, ‘dressing up,’ at his age seems to involve subtracting rather than adding layers. And that’s just the boys!

Daughter was not as thrilled with her lurid purple floral top, mercifully,they’d run out of bottom halves by the time I got to the shops, so has passed it on to Mum. I think it’s rather pretty. It’ll come in so useful for when the beloved and I embark on more treks. Mr M has pointed out that should I be unlucky enough to be charged by a bull in the Highlands of Scotland, all I need to do is crouch down and I’ll become a dead ringer for a large clump of heather.

DIY Antics – Never Again!

It seemed like a good idea at the time; just a quick spot of DIY. What I didn’t allow for is that my technical skills are as lacking in the virtual carpentry department as they are IRL. What should have been a few minutes widgeting over on Shelfari has taken up most of the afternoon, taking in system crashes, books vanishing into the ether and shelves almost as wonky as the ones chez Miffy. Happily, all’s well now. Should you fancy a quick browse, do hop over to Greenpatches.