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2009 revisited

April Plinth man, cool specs, Marilyn Monroe, Paris Marathon and water, water everywhere: The Miffy 50th Birthday trip to Venice.

Pax et Bonum: The Seabird has landed!

May “Ouch aye!” The “Etack” Caledonia and Wessex Wanderings.

July No, not a chipmunk; it’s a Marmotte.

Felicitations: L’Etape du Tour and Brisk Sea Breezes.

Felicitations, encore! Ms M graduates.

August “Whan that Aprille..” well, August actually. Pilgrimage Number One.

Greenbelt 2009  Fear not!

Franciscan recruiting tactics at Greenbelt.

Greenbelt 2009  zzzzzzzzzzzz

Mr M is slain in the spirit.

September/October Climb evry mountain; ford every stream…all thousand and one of them. The Miffys tackle the Via Podiensa – Le Puy en Valay to Conques.

Mr M does various other things involving cycles, rain, and the LEL.
November Miffy goes on retreat.

Me-me-me-meeee! Miffy goes green;proving without doubt that she is an Enneagram Type 6 and proud of it!

Here be Dragons… “Newchurch” goes even greener.


Having blogged more in the last week than she’s done in the preceeding six months, Miffy collapses in a chair with a glass of bubbly. Happy New Year to one and all!

Christian Bloggage

On the Sixth Day of Christmas, my feedreader sent to me: St’s excellent links to Will Mancini et al and their words of wisdom re Christian bloggery in all its glory. Guilty as charged, mea culpa and all that… I Am A Christian whose focus frequently fails to home in on anything more dynamic than the making of the next cup of tea. Terms like optimization, feedback, stats, mission statement and even the dreaded ‘E’ word inculcate in me an uncontrollable urge to run screaming for the hills; or at least the nearest nunnery. (Which last is a bit unfair on the nuns to be honest). I am a modest, simple soul, who loves nothing more than to wander lonely as a cloud, embroidery in hand, thinking beautiful thoughts, to the accompaniment of Songs of Fluffiness meets Celtic Worship Vol XXIII. I am a woolly, wavering wiblogger. Why, I even sport ‘Musings’ in my blog title!

Be that as it may, (and let’s face it; any excuse for putting off those thankyou letters will do), being ever so ‘umble, as I am, I felt convicted by these words, and, thus inspired, set out to set the blogosphere ablaze. I determined my content, categorised my categories, and twiddled my tags. Lastly, bearing in mind that a Picture Paints A Thousand Words, I seized my camera, aimed and fired.

It was at this point that the whole exercise began to go horribly wrong. I extracted the memory card, then inserted it in the card reader. (A move necessitating the powers of a contortionist, given the location of the USB ports on my steam-driven pc.) There came a ‘plink,’ and a ‘plunk,’ but nothing happened. I twiddled. I twaddled. I searched the image editor. It said No Way. I removed the lead; re-inserted it, removed the mouse lead, re-inserted that. Fell off my chair. Swore at the computer. The pc sulked.The card reader sulked. They refused to talk to each other. The mouse joined them in solidarity. In desperation, I cracked open a box of After Eight Mints. There was only one thing left to do. Summon the aid of The One Who Knows. No, not The Almighty; I was forced to drag Mr M away from his World of Warcraft. (Fools rush in…). He advised extreme measures. Switch Off And Reboot.

Thus it is that several hours later, I have only just managed to finish this post. And, so it is, gentle reader, that you will never learn the answer to the mystery of why I discovered a hot water bottle (still warm) at 7.30 a.m. outside on the front doorstep along with our organic fruit ‘n veg box.

An abundance of riches

Still skulking in the study. The dog has not long thrown up his tea, Mr M is out for the count after his Boxing Day time trial, and Ms M’s beef wellington has reached a crucial point. Should you be tiring of all this fun and frivolity and feel in need of something More Fitting for the season, do feel free to take yourself over to my other blog.

Cue vomiting noises from Miffdog…must go.

Merry Christmas!

Another blast from the past

You can tell I’m banned from the kitchen, can’t you? (Ms M and friends are busy preparing for their annual Christmas get-together). So having Done My Duty and taken Miffdog out for his constitutional, I’m, regretably, obliged to take refuge in the study, with little to do but blog. Oh the hardship. It’s tough, however, I think I can just about manage to force myself!

Anyoldhow. I had another brilliant pressie; no smellies this year, but a forgotten gem from way back when we were not much older than Ms M is now. Are any wibloggers old enough to remember the American TV comedy ‘Soap;’ that completely for then – off the wall, incredibly convoluted, and completely addictive series that made ‘Dallas’ look like a documentary about Trappist monks? Remember the Tates and Campbells: Jessica and Chester, Mary and Bert, their umpteen dysfunctional offspring? Mafioso, food-fights, alien abductions? And Benson?! Cheesy 70’s fashions and hairstyles? These last about the only cheesy thing about it, as when we sat down last night to watch the first couple of episodes, it came over as fresh as ever. From the moment we heard the familiar intro: “This is the story of two sisters: Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell…” we knew we were in for a treat. And offspring seem to agree with us on this one.


More memories

You know you’re growing older when poor Adrian Mole is struck down with the big ‘ C.’ (No prizes for guessing which kind; the title is a dead giveaway!) Poor Adrian! Although his character is a good ten years younger than Mr M and myself, we, too are embarking on that stage of life when, if not exactly falling to pieces physically, our bodies are beginning to show signs of wear and tear, some of them distinctly unglamorous, and in my case, those that Mr Mole definitely won’t be experiencing! In my case, also, I’d hope my ongoing grumbles are nothing like in the same league, although some of Adrian’s experiences of the NHS made me smile, (his tussles with the vagaries of the local surgery’s booking systems, for example). Anyway, thanks goes to Miffy Jnr for a great pressie. I’ll not include any spoilers, but I’m sure it’s ok to say that Sue Townsend’s writing is as good as ever, and, that she’s left the door open to yet another book. We may well see “Adrian Mole: The Bus Pass Years” yet.

Greenbelt Revisited


This afternoon saw the arrival of the dreaded ‘Grannies’ [seen here at Greenbelt] in our little town; to ‘mixed reactions’ if you can believe the local news website. Miserable lot. It didn’t seem the case from where I was lurking in the building society ; customers were thrilled. Cheered me up no end on a dank, foggy, grey day.

And should the beloved be reading this – I strenuously deny hiding in the GB portaloos in order to avoid them. I was merely taking time out to centre myself and process the organic festival experience. 😉