Monthly Archives: November 2009

Technical tangle

I’d like to slip into something more comfortable if only I knew how to do it. Can’t seem to find anything about changing my comments avatar in the help section. Help, somebody!

On reflection

Looking up the rcr and ‘virtual hospital’ radiology links so kindly supplied by the local hospital when they sent details of my scan appointment due later this month was not a good idea. Though mercifully most of terminology describing the various ‘proceedures’ is so complicated that I’m really none the wiser about what I should be looking for. Which is just as well, judging from the one that I did manage to read. One step at a time is the way to go I think, and don’t swallow the medical dictionary. If as they think it does turn out to be the oh so glamorous gallstones, there won’t be much room for anything else!

Public anouncement

Boomed out over the station tannoy yesterday afternoon:

“Will the lady smoking on platform 8 kindly desist and extinguish her cigarette . We would remind members of the public that — has a non-smoking policy on all its stations. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the premises. Repeat – would the lady on platform 8 kindly desist.”

Desist…desist…. Oh the shame! It didn’t half brighten up the day for the rest of us, though; you should have heard the sniggers. I was over the other side of the station on platform 4, so wasn’t able to see if the guilty party was deluged by a torrent from overhead sprinklers, or borne off, struggling by snappily attired — robots.

A most satisfying instance of shadenfreude. I’m not being judgemental at all…of course not! 😉

Feeling slightly green and Kermit-like

Given the development of these last few weeks, blogging about spiritual Rennies was tempting fate; plus my own resident Raymond Blanc (aka Mr Miffy) may have to develop a ‘lite’ menu. I’m all for navel gazing as per recent posts; unfortunately the themes now extended itself to my actual physical plumbing as it look likely I’m suffering from gallstones. (oh the glamour!). In practice this has resulted in a focus on my inner workings formerly only granted to my spiritual entrails. I’m finding out what foods I can and can’t tolerate by trial and error.And boy, when I make an error, don’t I just know it! I’ve also learnt that the so called profile of a typical gallstone sufferer “Fair, fat, fertile and forty” doesn’t always apply; yours truly being fifty, perimenopausal and bearing a more than passing resemblance to Beaker from The Muppets. Feel like him, too!