Monthly Archives: October 2009

Once Upon a Time

I must be the world’s most naive Mum. 😉 We were looking for one of Ms M’s old books of fairytales last night, when offspring (aged 23 in less than a month), sophisticated graduate and budding graphic designer, reveals the trauma and sleepless nights caused by early exposure to “The Velveteen Rabbit,” by Margery Williams. It’s taken me til now to realise the horrid truth about Rabbit’s ultimate fate – to be burned on a bonfire; I’d thought he’d been whisked off to to Bunnyland by the Nursery Magic Fairy! Shows how even the most innocent and least bloodthirsty of tales can alarm a sensitive child, I suppose. I remember being completely spooked out by the Caterpillar and hookah scene in Alice in Wonderland (film version) for example. And as for that picture in CS Lewis’s “The Last Battle,” when Tash – that ghastly half man, half bird montrosity appears, I always used to turn over several pages at a time in order to avoid looking at it.

That said, I’d forgotten that some of the older traditional fairy stories were so well… Grimm. I mean – have you read “The Red Shoes?” I hadn’t til last week. (courtesy of The Guardian’s freebie series). Shoes welded onto feet…Executioners in remote cottages…amputation…don’t get me started on the sub-text to all that. Shudders!

Thoughts of intense profundity

Oh dear. Truthsign’s fantasies re the doings of a certain Drs Slip and Pop speak to us all, I’m sure, but they’re not helping my ongoing course reflections: to examine the after-effects of my daydreams.;) I bet you St Ignatius Loyola never encountered ‘distractions’ like these!

The second ‘task,’ an attempt at writing my own obit isn’t exactly going swimmingly either. How does ” Her unique brand of humour led her into many an embarrassing situation.” sound?

Yes, I’m back; after a long gap during which we’ve been to Greenbelt, walked the Via Podiensa,(one of the French sections of the Way of St James – Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage route) had a bad attack of sick pc syndrome, and retreated. Mstr M is once more ensconced in the frozen wastes of East Anglia reading Chaucer (or so he says). Ms Miff is interning for a graphic design company in London whilst coping with an absentee landlord, dripping walls, galloping mould and no heating or hot water. All in a days work then! As for myself, yet more prophets have been disposed of, (those of you on FB might guess what I’m on about here), and at last I’ve embarked on New And Significant Experience, that is the course down in the Land of Seabirds and Brisk Sea Breezes. This involves me toddling off mid-week with my overnight bag, leaving Mr M to guard Maison Miffy, and returning the next day to a wonderful meal cooked by my very own version of Raymond Blanc. If last week’s session is typical of the course, I know I’m going to enjoy it. Both this and another course I’ll be doing have produced a reading list just the look of which makes me start drooling. Best stock up on the spiritual Rennies!

Of course, the fact that Seabird place has a large retail outlet centre located bang crash opposite the station bears no relation whatsoever to the attractions of the educational experience. Of course not. I am Franciscan after all.