Monthly Archives: May 2009

Did the earth move for you?

Let’s see what hits I get with that then.  Of course, those those of  you who hang around Ship of Fools will know that the post title is also the name of a long-running thread where folk  debrief on their time in church week by week, with particular reference to perceived  presence   of  the Almighty; whether this be by bells ‘n smells, chandelier swinging, still small voices and any number of variations inbetween.

Though when I last checked, it hadn’t been added to for  a while. Maybe people are worn out after the all the Holy Week and Easter goings-ons.  I haven’t contributed myself.  Not because I’ve not felt the odd, (in my case, very odd!) tremor, but through sheer laziness. (So, what’s new).  Though let it be put on record that last weekend’s ‘Seabirding,’ was way up there on the spiritual Richter scale. In a suitable restrained Miffyesque way, of course.

This morning in church we experienced  the smells minus the bells at the dismissal when  the lights suddenly went out.  Apparently a soft toy had been thrown skywards by its owner, only to land on an uplighter, which began to smoke.  In true Brit The Show Must Go On fashion we went into the last song.   As all the children processed out  waving their flags  , followed –  at a leisurely pace –  by the rest of the congregation, the smell grew ever stronger.   I gather that the offending object was later rescued with the aid of a ladder and  A Suitably  Tall Person.  Though to lodge it that high  the child concerned  must surely have a future  with the Harlem Gobetrotters! Pretty impressive shot.

Still, all’s well that ends well.  The toy was ever so slightly singed.  Let’s just  hope it wasn’t a lamb,  as given that that the Gospel reading for today was John 10, the poor owner could end up thoroughly spiritually and theologically confused in later life. Or turn vegetarian.