Monthly Archives: March 2009

Oh dear!


A friend forwarded  the Mom’s Song to me earlier, and Mr Miff was so taken by it just now  that he suggested I forwarded it to our two offspring, currently away at uni.  I’ve never had an e-mail replied to so quickly!  Within ten minutes I’d had worried enquiries as to the whereabouts of certain parcels which had arrived during the week. Ah, the power!

Mow, mow, mow


Inspired by her encounter with alfala sprouts, Ms Miffy lets the train take the strain and sets out in search of the ultimate piece of garden machinery.

As one who  worked for a lawnmower manufacturer when ‘growing’ her, I’d like to think the agricultural  gene has been passed down.

Then when I look at Maison Miffy’s track record on the gardening front – maybe not.

And as for mowing the lawn en desabeille (sp), all I can say is…DON’T DO THIS AT HOME!

Spring has sprung



…the grass is riz. And I think I may have found a temporary solution to my long-running dashboard problems.  Thank you, Chas and others!

Unfortunately, with the passing of time I’ve forgotten what I’d intended to blog about.  I’ve a feeling it was something deep and meaningful pertaining to new growth.   Judging by my categories list it may also have had some tenuous link with bishops, chocolate and mathematics.  Truly its relevance escapeth me now.

Talking of growth, I think I may need to do some more fine-tuning to my screen resolution.   I can’t cope with text this small for long. Next thing we know I’ll be having to shell out for the dreaded bi-focals.

Right. Moment of truth. Let’s press publish. Testing, testing.