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Trouble with sprouts

Ms M has given me permission  to link to her recently completed piece of animation: part of a  brief for Momjii they’ve been doing at college.  Quite what it has to say about the innermost depths of our offspring’s psyche, I won’t begin to  speculate. Maybe it’s a reaction to being made to eat up her brussel sprouts when she was younger; who knows? Scarey stuff! Never mind. Mum and Dad are thrilled.  Enjoy ‘Trouble with sprouts.’ 

I want to be alone!

I want to be alone!
I want to be alone!

Typical! Choppy – aka Miffcat, had her annual vaccinations yesterday, and ever since has insisted on giving a remarkably realistic imitation of a hearthrug in a catatonic state. The pedicure was the last straw, I think. She’s been hiding away ever since getting home; last sighting being behind Mr M’s music stand, where she is currently in meaningful communion with a crumpled plastic bag. Needless to say, I’ve been running around after her with tasty treats and generally behaving like a mother hen with her chicks. (Neurotic – moi?)

It’s at this point that the postman delivers the annual letter from the cat shelter exorting our feline Greta Garbo to purr sweetly at her mummy and daddy in the hopes that they might feel moved to donate a little something to funds.
If the purring technique doesn’t work you could always try other tricks for getting your own way (refusing to eat, ignoring the humans or rolling onto your back and pretending you want your tummy tickled – we all know what happens then).

Hah! That’s all I can say. Oh well, I know I’ll give in to her eventually. Where’s that tin of tuna?

Sounding your own trumpet

aka ‘Mr Miffy overdoes the carbs’ – a dreadful warning. (Especially for users of the 07.30 a.m. to London):

The other thing about Fitday (see previous post) is that it lets you check out your calorie balance in terms of protein/carb/fat/beer mix.

I’ve got pretty used to keeping the amount of carbohdyrates up, which is a good thing now that training season has started in earnest.

However does have a slight side effect, which has been particularly notable over past couple of days….

Read on over here if you dare. I’m still recovering from the attack of hysterics (mine!) prompted by last night’s virtuoso performance.

I must just

Slip into something more comfortable… What do you think? I love Scruffy (wonder why? ;)) and yet…Desk Mess has that chatty, Miffyesqe, ‘nice cup of tea’ ambience. I feel drawn to Autumn Forest as well. It has the gravitas that befits a Miffy of advancing years; spiritual without being twee, yet it still manages to balance this with a certain (modest, Miff-like) spontoneity (sp!). Ah the agonies of choice. Help me, somebody!

We won’t deign to comment on the design entitled ‘Clean Home!’ 😀

Hops off humming:
You can run – you can hide – you can slip and you can slide. But you can’t get away from the one you are. (Current voice class piece, courtesy of Daryl Runswick)

Testing testing!

Welcome to the new, shiny, all-singing, all dancing ‘Musings’ MKII.  Congratulations to the wibsite team for their hard work in gathering up fellow ‘wibblers’ left, right and centre, and delivering us safely over to the new system.

Let the fun commence!