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It really isn’t easy

…being green.


Yes, yes, I know it’s lowering the tone. But I wanted to be the first to post up Greenbelt photos. And you can’t deny it’s in keeping with the ethos of the festival!

A more reflective pronouncement on my first visit to GB follows later. Maybe.

Results Day plus One

Good News: Congratulations to Tractor Girl’s sociologists. And to Tractor Girl herself! And, following on from my comment in her comments, Mstr Miff passed A, B, B, so will be going to his uni of choice, to read English and (last minute adjustment here) Philosophy! Well done. Although I do sometimes wonder if his talents don’t lie more in the acting line, after watching the local paper video clip in which he ‘impersonated’ a friend and solemnly informed the world that he was bound for a gap year digging wells in Africa! This last wasn’t in the broadcast; we reckon they twigged him and edited it out.

An aside: I went to the uni website (as every good mother should ;)) to see what our little darling is letting himself in for. How things have changed since our day back in the swinging seventies! Accomodation for instance. Back in those prehistoric times you had little choice. In…or out. You filled in the forms, and, a few weeks before the off, received a letter informing you of your room allocation (shared, usually, during your first year). This might be accompanied by some light reading; lists of rules and regulations – mostly re locking -up times and ‘visitor’ etiquette. (Flagrant disregard for the latter was flushed out by periodic ‘unscheduled’ fire practices at dawn). Halls of residence generally had a resident ‘dragon,’ either paid staff or staid final year student to ensure that nobody strayed off the paths of righteousness.

Back to the ‘noughties,’ (as opposed to ‘naughties). I smiled as I watched the accomodation videos. In the one featuring a pretty girl, the main emphasis seemed to be on the decorative state of the flat and the salubriousness of the bathroom facilities. The young man featured, however, waxed fulsome in praise of the joys of communal living – especially the way everybody cooked for each other, (cut to clip of smiling chap in kitchen whilst happy (female) student prepared the evening meal, and of the free broadband access!


Cornish memories

From MrM's blog:

Mrs M and I kept an appointment we made 25 years ago and spent last week having a second honeymoon at the same hotel in Newquay were we celebrated our first.

Happily the hotel had not changed much and we had a great time, despite a typically British week of summer weather that saw more use of brollies than beach clothes.

Newquay was much the same as we left it 25 years ago though there seemed to be a lot more emphasis on surfing and no signs of things made from shells or naughty postcards.

Arriving Friday,
Saturday we looked around and spent some time enjoying the sun on the beach just below the hotel.
Sunday we got wet, joined the National Trust and Mrs M made her first ride on her new trike
Monday we went to the Eden project, which was very impressive
Tuesday I went for a long (wet and windy) ride up to Boscastle and Tintagel where I holidayed as a lad
Wednesday Mrs M got smelly therapy and I got a surfing lesson (and chaperoned her for lunch in a dressing gown) [I was the one in the dresssing gown, not Mr M, you understand!]
Thursday we enjoyed some more sun on the beach
Friday was spent by me lazing on beach, Mrs M explored Newquay some more.
Saturday set a record for worst weather experienced on holiday so we passed time at hotel and having nice pots of tea/cakes and planning ahead……

We came back with “Trebarwith” a new addition to our bear family plus a new long term challenge….

Watch this space…2008/08/m-ms-big-adventure.html