Monthly Archives: July 2008

And on that same heavenly note…

According to my stats, this blog has been accessed from a certain Lambeth Conference Cartooning Tent twice in the last 24 hours. This is rather exciting – the thought that sundry episcopal, or even archipos…arhcip….archbishoppy eyes may have been casting a glance over my humble musings. Who knows what this might lead to? I could become a vital cog in the push for peace and unity in the Anglican Communion.

On the other hand, I suspect it might just have been Dave Walker casting a watchful eye over his domain.

May the force be with you!

Ms Miffy has phoned mid-shift having just spent her morning dressed as a jedi, fighting ‘chickens’ in Earls Court! She survived the tube journey afterwards without being arrested. Light sabers which insist on lighting up and making suitably jedi like noises from the depths of one’s bag do get one rather odd looks from other passengers.

No, not a hamster!

It’s a marmotte. (Simply can’t be doing with the html, so you’ll have to cut and paste if you want to see what Mr M was up to last weekend). He doesn’t appear in the video, but was there somewhere. I feel tired just looking at them all. But what glorious scenery!

Back again

…in an unaccustomed burst of TGIF get up and go. As energy isn’t exactly in plentiful supply for me just now – I’d normally be pottering off bedwards – all the more surprising . I’ve actually ventured into new territory, aka St Pixels live area. Quite nice, even if my brain failed dismally to keep up with my typing. (Or was it my typing with my brain?). Anyway, seeing as I’m up – there’s no excuse not to catch up here.

Thanks to Ian and Smudgie for their compliments on my son in all his finery. He’s now done with exams, done with school. We are empty nesters…at last! Well – maybe we’d better wait until results day in August before we put out the flags and balloons, but still… I never thought to see the day!

So, what’s been going on in Miffyworld since last I blogged? Ms Miff has fitted in another trip to NY, has completed her second year at art college, and is currently leafleting round London. In the process of which she narrowly escaped having to dress up as a fish, (the pic I saw looked more like a deformed penguin), has handed a leaflet to Ian McKellen and learned that wombles are not meant to be gender-specific. Which I gather entailed some adaptation to a female costume thus rendering any future womble wearers of that particular ensemble…well…think Tinkywinky and you’ll get the picture. (What about Madame Cholet, I ask myself? )

Mr Miff in the thick of his cycling season, phoned earlier from deepest, darkest Scotland, where he is about to climb evr’y mountain, whilst attempting not to run over stray haggi or scare any monsters that might be lurking around. He’s newly back from a fortnight in France – training for and then taking part in the marathon 174km ‘Marmotte,’ cycle sportif. I’ll sort out a lijnk to Youtube coverage another day. All this high altitude stuff has a strange effect on one’s train of thought. He phoned me one day to say “I’m in a very beautiful place, and from where I am I’ve just seen a nun running across a field with outstretched arms.” No, he was too far away to hear if she was singing “The Hills are Alive!”

And myself? This last month or so has been… to put it nicely…’Interesting.’ We’re no further with the written vocational musings, although there’ve been some pointers to a possible something for the future, which I hope can be fitted into the ‘Seabird’ framework. We’ll see. In a way, it’s quite exciting. Unfortunately I’m becoming increasingly unhappy with my home church setting. My frustration of knowing that a move isn’t really possible combined with the sense that doors are closing every time I try to venture into areas where I feel I have potential, is really dragging me down. Hence I decided to step back a bit over the summer. I simply can’t cope with large, potentially emotional (or irritating) gatherings or discussions. The doctor has mentioned the dreaded ‘d’ word, (No, not discernment – the other ‘d’ word). Whether it is or not remains to be seen. But we’re really looking forward to our holiday at the beginning of August. At the same hotel where we had our honeymoon – 25 years ago. (We checked and it hasn’t yet fallen down the cliff into the sea). Yes, we’ve hit silver!

One frisson of excitement in the midst of all this, a few weeks back, was me getting a totally unexpected invite to be interviewed on local radio one Sunday. If ever the timing and the choice of person (IMHO) was wrong, this was! I was utterly terrified (this is the person who was so frightened of speaking in public as a teenager that she was excused compulsory VIth form assembly duty), had no idea what I was going to say (and they helpfully didn’t brief me beforehand) so…I accepted the invitation. Come the morning, I was almost speechless with fright, spent the interview with legs crossed due to too many coffees and no time to get to the loo, and…it went far far better than I’d ever expected. I rather enjoyed it. And when I listened to it later – I did vaguely sound as if I knew what I was talking about. Wonders will never cease. Or put another way – God Moves in Mysterious Ways. Though not half as much as I did when I finally got to the bathroom!