Monthly Archives: April 2008

On a higher plane

‘Seabirding.’ Do give us a thought next weekend, when, if all (and First Great Western) goes well, I shall be ‘renewing.’ Should newer wibblers wish to know what on earth I’m rabbiting on about, look here tssf

In disgrace!

Little M heartily disapproves of my choice of birthday present for his little cousin, aged 3 next weekend. He fears that ‘Satuday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp’ might lead J off the straight and narrow. Good grief – it even has an allosaurus and stegasaurous dancing ‘spike to spike!’ “What next, Mother?” he says. ” No doubt we’ll be getting ‘Dinosaur Stomp II – Dinosaur Hangover.'” Not that he’s speaking from experience, of course. Oh no! 😉