Monthly Archives: January 2008

New and interesting words – Part 2

Like Mr M (see his cycle blog), I consider the internet is wonderful…most of the time. Except when the Lambeth Conference is in session. Like the run-up to Christmas when I avoid all magazines with screaming headlines like ‘Take it easy! Your 100 point countdown to a laid back festive season!’ I intend to anticipate the Lenten season by fasting from The Church Times (except for the caption competition), all the broadsheets, all the tabloids (which is easy as I rarely read them anyway), and all television (ditto). Honourable exceptions being this site and the Cartoonblog. Oh, and Blogging Anglicans and ….. and…..

Anyway, another honourable exception might be Bishop Alan’s blog, whose ‘Ten rules for cooking up gay schism’ has brightened up a dull Tuesday afternoon no end. Especially Rule 9 :

“Ecclesiology is a very long word. Don’t go there, except for the anoraks on your blog. You have to pretend that the Church of England is a reduced form of the Roman Church at all times, because in fact autocephalous churches are structurally incapable of having schisms in the Roman sense. If that got out the game would be up. Dust over the line between “province” and “diocese” at all times — like Iran and Iraq. For most of the public, what the hell’s the difference anyway?”

Great stuff! Plus a chance to Improve My Word Power thrown in. Let’s see…’ecclesiology?’ Yes, got that. Does that make me an anorak, though? Oh dear!

It’s ‘autocephalous’ that’s got me beat. As a good upstanding Anglican, am I in an autocephalous church? If so, why? And if not, why not? ‘Auto’ – own? automatic? ‘Cephalous?’ Something to do with heads? Automatic heads? Single heads? Talking heads?? Some obscure term to do with car maintenance? Is Lambeth maybe running a joint drive-thru episcopal car and cassock washing liturgy?

Help me, somebody! Our church is having a grand quiz next weekend and I’d like to go for gold.


Comunications, communications, communications!

Banner headlines. After much soul-searching and prayer, (of course ;)) I have finally succumbed to the siren call of social networking. Last week I finally took the plunge and was dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Yes, (cue trumpet fanfare); I’ve signed up to Facebook. To the eternal shame of my offspring. When they find out.

Quite how this sits with the simplicity and self-denial sections of my rule of life remains to be seen. This is the person who leaves her mobile phone unchecked for weeks at a time, don’t forget. And who has to find her reading glasses before she’s able to text. (Works of art which offspring have been heard reading out to each other with howls of hysterical laughter).

My motives? You’ll be glad to learn that this is in no way linked with the current state of the Anglican Communion. I am not intending to join blog/2008/01/04/anglican-bloggers . My HTML coding isn’t up to it, for a start. Who knows what horrors might be unleashed with a carelessly placed / or www? The entire Lambeth Conference lassoed by a stampeding herd of https. perhaps? What a vision!