Monthly Archives: October 2007

Stats, stats, stats

‘Miffy knickers’ and ‘Hope and Greenwood,’ (Purveyors of exceedingly fine confectionery). When you get stuff like that coming up in your stats, it’s obvious that a ‘sensible’ blog entry is long overdue. Some might say – ANY blog entry is overdue. Pure laziness on my part, I’m afraid. My excuse being that it’s not that I’ve nothing to say, but that my potential blog material is so action-packed and exciting that the effort involved in coding the numerous links and pics involved is simply too much for this technically-challenged bunny to cope with! As any Ship readers will have deduced recently from my struggles with UBB code. All in a good cause; I was trying to link my sig to both here and my Greenpatches blog. (The latter gets most of my erudite theological obervations/sick-making fluffy stuff/pretentious waffle; tick appropriate box). Still, thanks to the infinite patience of one shipmate in particular, all is well, and, hopefully, I may have generated some traffic over to wibdom.

So, sensible, in-depth blogging. Yes…well… Let me see. The baggage we carry around with us. I arrived in church this morning carrying a big, black box (borrowed powerpoint projector) and left with another one, (son’s cornet which we’d lent out). The first wasn’t the main church equipment, unfortunately, otherwise the temptation to do some discreet meddling would have been overwhelming. Though not possible with powerpoint (shame). This modern technology is just too clever for its own good. Had it been good old-fashioned OHP, I could have done some surrepticious changing of acetates. Oh the joy of seeing ‘Hail Thee Festival Day,’ (all ten verses of it!) coming up in place of the latest worship potboiler! 😉 A girl can dream….