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I don’t score much on the stats front, but if I say so myself, those that I get are…err..’interesting.’ The latest – someone googling for ‘Ten Ton Ted from Teddington.’ I’m sure some Benny Hill fan will have been fascinated to read about my sleigh ride with the milkman that never was!

This is SO embarrassing!

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Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

I wrote a notice for this week’s church newsletter. I handed it in before the deadline…for once. (A minor miracle) . They published it. (An even greater miracle). There are no typos. No part of my piece of incisive journalistic reflections strayed out of the textbox to be lost for ever in the overflow zone. It stands clear, crisp, a masterly example of DTP. An ode to the wonders of Times New Roman. Come Sunday morning, my impassioned plea for the return of my copy of a provocative and challenging manifesto for the postmodern, missional Christian by a Rather Well Known American Pastor with hirsuite tendencies will be there for the Whole World to see. (Well, for several hundred fellow congregants, anyway).

There’s just one teensie fly in the ointment. A couple of hours ago I stirred myself from my Thank God It’s Friday torpor and went to load the washing machine. And there in the ironing basket, betwixt a pile of T shirts and some M And S knickers nestled…yes…you’ve guessed it – Brian McLaren’s ‘A Generous Orthodoxy. Why I Am A missional – evangelical – post/protestant – liberal/conservative – mystical/poetic – biblical – charismatic/contemplative- fundamentalist/calvinist- anabaptist/anglican – methodist-catholic-green-incarnational-depressed-yet-hopeful-emergent-unfinished[and hopelessly disorganised ;)!] CHRISTIAN.’ Still in its plastic bag from when I brought it home from church last week.

Enough said.

Hello again

Long time no blog, I’m afraid. My stats are a disgrace – the only visitors having been myself en route for everyone else’s blogs and Rosamundi. Thank you, Rosamundi! I’ve no excuse for the gap, unless you count the lure of the ‘other blog’ where my blogging has reached new heights of pompous pontification. Never mind, I’m back. Given that Mr M is in Geneva on a cycle tour, little M has gone to see ‘Transformers,’ and Ms M is at the pub, I’ve no excuse not to catch up.

So, what’s up chez Miffy? What’s in the pipeline? Well, the Big One is, of course, Ms M’s imminent departure ‘cross the Pond for her term in New York. She goes on Wednesday, and, provided she passes the mandatory drugs/alcohol awareness test, (roll eyes from Ms Miffy. It’s a ‘dry’ campus, much to her disgust!), should be enrolled in FITS – part of NY state Uni, shortly afterwards. The past week since she stopped work has been filled with planning, shopping, packing, and hurtling round catching up with her friends. The BF has been with us, and we all went out for a farewell meal yesterday, that being the last chance we had to be together before Mr M’s departure for the Dolomites. Then on Monday evening a group of them are doing a BBQ for her, and that’s it, at least as far as Little M and I are concerned, as she leaves for London the next day to follow a lead for a possible house share for when she returns to the UK in December.

I think it’s just dawning on Ms M that departure is imminent. (well, going round the house with her camera snapping everything ‘just in case something happens to it while I’m away!’ sort of gives the game away, don’t you think?!) Me, too. Copies of vital documents have been stored where we can access them, we’re fitted up with skype, I’ve been charged with terminating her phone contract. It all seems terribly final, and, I’m sure, come Wednesday there’ll be more than a ‘wobble’ or two at either side of the Atlantic.

Luckily, next week is quite busy for me, and, of course, we’ll barely have time to breathe after Ms M goes, before little M’s As Level results arrive. Not so little, now, of course. Cue more wobbles, as I realise that my little ‘angel’ who used to sport a golden ‘halo’ haircut, and run around in baggy shorts and cute little arran sweaters ‘A L’Heure Anglaise’ style, is in Year 13, is heading towards the 6 foot mark, and will be , if all goes well, heading collegewards in a year’s time. Sniff!

Me? I’m plodding on, as usual. The same weird hours, of course, as the nursery stays open throughout the year (oh joy, I don’t think!). I’m really looking forward to our week’s break in Scotland once Mr M gets back. We do need to get away more – the which is quite tricky as he has far, far more annual leave than myself. Never mind, we’ll work round it, and we already have a few plans for next year. These include a ‘second honeymoon’ in Newquay (where we spent our first nearly 25 years ago!), and Greenbelt, (yes – you heard aright). We may even get me on to two (or more ) wheels. Though mercifully, I’m assured I won’t have to wear skin tight lycra! Shudders! Watch this space.

Inquisitive wibblers (well, Rosamundi anyway), might have wondered what’s happening on the ‘Seabird’ front. It’s plodding along, as am I. As I blogged a while back, two of us have started a two year ‘novitiate’ and are starting to formulate a rule of life. It all sounds a tad vague and woolly put that way, but rest assured there’s a lot of musing and pondering going on underneath all my ramblings. Some of which can be found over on my other blog.