Monthly Archives: November 2005

To quote

From the Iona community:

When I was younger…..
Faith meant learning the facts…

Now that I’m old enough to be wiser.
facts ain’t what they used to be.

God is still mysterious
that hasn’t changed…..
I have learnt one thing though:
not to expect certainties,
just to muddle along from moment to moment
in the dark
redefining faith,
searching for hope,
needing love.

(Frances Copsey c) Wildgoose Publications)


Along with Jack. Yes, this squished budgie needs a retreat. Desperately. In fact, this wise little bird booked a retreat over eight months ago. Unfortunately – and for perfectly worthy reasons, I’ve had to put it off for a few weeks. And as I’ve commented already – this next month is going to go by VERY slowly indeed. Gah again.

You’ll be glad to know I found the little black book once more. A case of ‘I’ve found Jesus. He was behind the sofa all the time.’ Except in my case he was behind the post tray. Now what does that say about my priorities I wonder? Maybe it’d be safer if I followed Rosamundi’s example and did my daily readings on public transport. Except that I go most places on foot and those mystic moments of connection with the Almighty might end up with me falling into the river.

There’s enough water in the place as it is after today’s showers. Early afternoon the heavens opened and emptied their contents all over me. Ever been so soaked that even your contact lenses need to go through the wringer?! Worse befell Ms Miffy, home for the day for the purposes of ‘research.’ She was out in the nearby countryside with her camera and pencils at the time – and gave up any attempts at sketching when her pad started to curl at the edges. It certainly gives a whole new meaning to the concept of a ‘field trip.’