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Where are you all?

It must be the current UK heatwave causing UK bloggers pcs to wibble and go into meltdown. As am I. (I was originally going to give this entry the title of ‘Hot, Cross Bunny,’ but refrained for fear of attracting the wrong kind of attention!)

Not that I’m cross, really; just ever so slightly frazzled after spending half the day hurtling up and down the M40 visiting family and the rest of it until now, rushing round clearing the ironing pile. I’m sure I’ve sweated off pounds. (Chicken curry at the pub wasn’t the best choice on reflection). Though paradoxically, my pedometer readings are the lowest they’ve been for nearly a week – mere 1.98 miles. Which all goes to show, as Mr M says, how sedentary a life he leads compared to myself. The lowest I managed was 2 on Monday when I was at home, rising steadily through the week, with 13 on Thursday (not surprising really as I spend half of that rushing round serving coffees) and a magnificent 17 miles on Friday! To be fair, this last wasn’t a typical day. Much of it was spent in the other town where I met Mr Miff in the evening for a trip to see Star Wars latest. Not rated too well by either Mr or Ms Miff I’m afraid, but simple enough for a Miffy to understand. OK, the characters were ever so slightly one dimensional, and dialogue was at a minimum – a tiresome inconvenience between the real business of fight sequences. And of course, knowing what was going to happen took the edge off proceedings. All you needed to guess was when and how.

We followed this by a Cajun meal. Well, Cajun by UK standards anyway. We were told that croccodile was ‘off’ that night. (Sighs of relief all round). Actually we wondered if it’s ever ‘on.’ I suspect a gimmick to attract customers. Not that there were exactly a shortage of folk. The place was packed, with the entire quayside of eateries buzzing. I don’t think Ms Miff will be able to complain of lack of places to go when she moves this Summer. If she can afford a social life, mind you. This is an ongoing worry with her – seeing as her course is more or less 9 to 5, excluding homework etc and as it’s a foundation course, no student loan. How to fit paid work into this setup? As she says, it rather defeats the object of earning enough to have a social life, if she then has no time left in which to go out! I can see myself hopping on the train to go down and see her, laden with food parcels.

Ah well. She won’t be the first struggling student in the world. We’ll take things bit by bit. ‘Babysteps’ as Flylady would say.

The mind boggles!

Travel down our way next weekend, and you could witness the thrilling spectacle of over 15 of the UK’s top Chainsaw carvers in action! Enter the Hampshire Chainsaw carving Competition NOW!!! Or even better, visit the British Lumberjack Sports Demonstration.

*trundles off singing…. ‘He’s a lumberjack and he’s ok’ etc etc…. 😀

Changes, changes

She did it! Took the flat I meant. Yes, Ms Miff is due to move out in less than a month’s time. Off to the fleshpots of ‘the other town.’ Great excitement on her part – (‘I’ve got a flat. I’ve got a flat! I’m going to be grown up!’) Followed by the inevitable wobbles as she starts to worry about bills, tax, and all the hundred and one little domestic and administrative details that come with that enticing package labelled ‘Freedom.’ Mingled with worry re BF who’s off to Peru in a few week’s time. This she knew already. She’d sensibly decided not to mope around all Summer and accordingly is booked up to go to Cuba for a week with another friend. The complications and heartache have set in when BF’s travelling companion let him down last week, just as he was booking flights out to S America. Had they known this was going to happen 6 months ago, Ms Miff could have arrranged to go along instead. Too late now. And to do her credit, when she heard she shopped around and researched other organisations that BF could travel with, hence the Peruvian thing. Trouble is that he’s decided to stay out there for 9 weeks, which means they won’t see each other until it’s almost time for college to start. And precious little before he goes away, thanks to A Levels.

So it was a wobegone Ms Miff who phoned me yesterday morning from ‘Download,’ where she’s just finishing at the moment. (Another sleepless night for me as I worry about her driving back down – with a detour into Surrey to drop off another friend who’s at uni there). Ah, young love! I remember it well.

We’re going to miss her. Me especially, despite all the dramatics and ups and downs of living with one extremely talented young lady, who’s tried to pack 48 hours into every 24 since the time she could walk. And no girl talk any more; that’s another thing. Lovely though the men in my life may be, I can’t imagine that trips round the shops and cosy cups of coffee are going to figure largely on their itinaries.

My last assignment plopped back into my inbox yesterday. It was graded B, which though lower than I’ve been used to so far, was really not bad at all. (My tutor had warned me that he tends to mark fairly strictly). And really, I was less concerned with the actual grade than with the mostly helpful comments that came with it. Although…again….that wretched word limit. So, a good start and much to build on. Get negging, please, people, as if I can just get one more piece of work off before we go away , I should be nicely on course.

Bits ‘n pieces

and not a few changes as well. Now that Joseph and the assignment are out of the way, I’ll try and fill in on what’s been going on.

Ms Miff is now officially on study leave prior to sitting the remainder of her A Levels. Though hard, the load isn’t quite as heavy as it might be, as a few of the more practically and coursework based subjects are more or less done with. Still, there’s been a good deal of midnight oil burned round here. Although to be fair, the BF situation seems to have contributed to the sleep deficit situation. Mine, as well as hers as like a good Mummy, I find I can’t rest until I know she’s got in safely, or have found out where she’s spending the night. This is as much worry about her driving distances, especially after dark. And the digs hunting’s begun in earnest. She saw a studio flat she likes today. We realised with a start that she could be moved out in a month’s time! Where have the years gone? I’m suddenly feeling very old indeed.

A change of routine on the senior Miffy front as well. Folk who’ve heard my ‘robust’ pronouncements on the subject of ‘Flylady,’ (and grumbles about ‘—- shovelling,’ ) will, no doubt be astounded to learn that, yes…I too, have seen the light. No, don’t get TOO excited. I’m not about to deluge my e-mail contacts with a flood of ‘testimonials.’ Simply, that in adddition to my other stuff, I’ve taken on cleaning for someone. Yes, I’m even now eyeing up displays of feather dusters and pondering the best way to get stains out of carpets. It was one of my periodic Miffyeske snap decisions. Mr M is puzzled, but supportive, although if he thinks that there may be a knock on effect on the state of Maison Miffy, he’s in for a disappointment! Still, God moves in mysterious ways, methinks.

Like our milkman, who’s recently left to ‘spend more time with his family,’ Mr M too is being forced into downsizing. No definite decisions yet, but we may well be seeing a bit more of each other, (in the purely metaphorical sense of the word, you understand;)) by the end of the year. It might be a blessing in disguise, it might not, in that family responsibilities weigh heavily, with the sad news yesterday that Mr M’s aunt (one of MIL’s sisters) has been diagnosed with cancer, is due for an op any time, and it looks serious. The number of relatives who are either in their right mind or who enjoy decent physical health seems to be dwindling alarmingly. All of it together seems to be like a wakeup call. It does put many other irritants into perspective. I was going to blog about my experiences at a church event earlier this week, and my extreme reactions to same. I may do later on, but for now, to do so seems petty. Life is too short. When l logged on earlier this evening I was shocked to learn on the sudden death in a road accident of of member of another Christian forum I belong to. Just before that, Mr M and I were reminiscing about some colleagues a few years back whose lives were cut short prematurely by accident and illness.

In a strange kind of way, I think the above musings are helping me clarify some thoughts about a few potential ‘beanstalk’ situations I’ve been pondering these last months. Watch this space.