Monthly Archives: April 2005

Whatever it was, I didn’t do it!

Just in case the seemingly regular visitor from Washington DC is reading this. I’m honoured that my little blog is being perused by so esteemed a personnage; (‘Grovel, grovel,’ as they say in ‘Joseph.’)

Right, that’s got that out of the way! Another sunny, productive day. Oh to be in England, now that April’s here. And, at the slightest smidgen of sunlight, the world and his wife head off to the garden centre/DIY store, or in the case of Ms Miffy and yours truly, Mothercare was added to the list. I manged to stop offspring going too mad in Mothercare (must be at least ten years since last I graced their hallowed portals). We escaped lightly clutching half a dozen teeny tiny pairs of baby socks. Then on the the garden centre (thyme and a dozen trailing lobelias),and Tesco, where Ms Miff’s shopping list for her cooking tonight, plus my supposed ‘top up,’ to the weekly shop came to more than said weekly shop normally does. Still, can’t complain. Especially as Ms Miff is now able to give me lifts to places. Although the packet of Green and Blacks chocolate ginger biscuits seems to have vanished from the cupboard. ??

Another communication from brother. Apparently labour wasn’t exactly straightforward, and little one had to be extracted with the ‘sink plunger,’ giving him intially at least, a passing resemblance to Jean Luc Picard or whatever he’s called – from Star Trek. And poor Mum has had 3 blood transfusions.

Lobelias are now safely planted in their galvanised buckets, and the thyme is decorating the cat’s garden. Let’s hope the wretched creature appreciates all this effort. I cut my finger on some broken crocks whilst I was putting the thyme in. (Hope the doctor was right about the long term immunity conferred by my last tetanus jab, way back in the mists of time). I don’t know WHAT’S up with moggy atm, but he’s been acting most out of character. Normally he’s the gentlest of felines, but the last couple of times I’ve tried to give him his kidney pill, he’s got decidedly tetchy, and has actually raised his paw to scratch me!

Thrills tonight on the latest episode of Doctor Who, as the Daleks, or rather one Dalek made an appearance. Every bit as frightening as I remember. Although as we didn’t have colour TV when I was little, memories are sepia tinted.

OK, who pinched my mouse

and swapped it with your cheapy one that you broke playing games? The same person who can’t be bothered to go downstairs to fetch a new loo roll, but pinches one from our bathroom instead! You know who you are! )Grumble, grumble, self pity, mutter, mutter…..

Anyway, still not heard back from my brother yet. However, received an e-mail today with a picture of new-born J. Who would have thought it?! We’re Auntie and Uncle. I keep getting muddled, as with a 15 and 18 year age gap between his cousins, my eldest could, theoretically speaking, be his mother. (Although we all hope we’ll have a few years yet before we become caring, sharing Grandparents). Funny thing – life. As little J snoozes away (we hope) both Mifflets are out on the town; little M at a rugby club ‘do,’ his sister at one of our more salubrious local nightclubs. And here I sit, blogging away, whilst Mr M is pottering around fitting a new extractor fan in the downstairs cloakroom. I’m suddenly feeling very old indeed!

I was home today. Must have been the Spring sunshine that caused an uncharacteristic outburst of energy. To wit – cleaned kitchen, vacuumed up and down, shampooed downstairs carpet, walked dog, washed his blankets, soaked dining room curtains in bath before hanging them out to dry. Oh, and I mustn’t forget the ironing. Flylady would be proud of me, I’m sure. Not to mention, working my way through course section on the doctrine of the just war. In this particular part, you get to choose 2 assignments out of four, and as I’m only about halfway through the material, I feel I should really go through to the end of the section before choosing which to tackle. The problem being, this may take me some time, and from past experience, it helps to get the first assignment of any new unit out of the way fairly quickly. The choice of topics covers, The Ethics of Employment or Whistle Blowing, Romans 13, or the ‘Just War,’, Use and Abuse of Power or ‘Middle Axioms,’ or The Church Report on Poverty, Science and Religion or the Environment, or a review of course booklet on OT perspective on the people of God and the State. Yeek! For someone who loves wading around in a morass of information, yet who finds it incredibly difficult to actually settle down to any one topic, this could prove ‘interesting.’ Maybe I should employ Flylady tactics here, as well!

Election fever

…in the Miffy household, as little Miff worries about whether he’s qualified for House Colours, (he should know tomorrow), and his Mum tries to convince herself that she really doesn’t mind if she doesn’t get voted back onto the pcc, (I’ll find out either way tonight). In theory I’d love to say that Micah 6:8 applies. In practice…ever had the feeling that you are clutching on to your entrails…with difficulty!

Domestic accident

Son collided with daughter just now, on his way into the bathroom. She was coming out of it. Neither saw the other coming;both having burst into a spontaneous rendering of ‘The Road to Amarillo!’

Google fishing

makes strange reading sometimes. A quick stroll by my stats show someone to have accessed this blog via an msn search on zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Goodness knows what they thought they’d find, but I trust they were suitably enlightened by my musings on Bishops I have Met!

I love the randomness of googling and the like. You never can tell where you’re going to end up. Reminds me of those long rambling conversations you have about every subject under the sun. There’s a sudden pause, and some bright soul asks, "How on earth did we get onto… the price of recycled loo rolls, Barbara Woodhouse’s patent dog training methods, fairly-traded biblical slingshots, buffalos ;)…. when we started off on the best way to get mud stains out of son’s rugby kit?"

Thus it was after returning from Mr Miff’s birthday lunch this afternoon, I sat down at the computer determined to finish (well, tbh start) the review I’d determined to get written by Sunday. Two hours later, I end up – brain in overdrive – on the Progressive Christianity Network homepage, having got there via SOF, Amazon, a phone call from one of my brothers and a google on Anglican Spirituality. As I’ve said before, ‘Procrastination, thy name is Miffy!’

Well I never did…

What an interesting bunch of stats. Someone found me by googling for Gardening clubs – Tonbridge Wells. (The same person who ran a search on Seamus Heaney’s ‘Digging,’ I guess).

Happiness, by the way, is remembering that you’ve not yet started on the birthday chocs given to you by your son, three days previously. And remembering that you’ve still got part of the C4 ‘s ’50 best comedy sketches’ left to watch. So it was that when our neighbour phoned at 7 p.m. to ask if I was coming to homegroup, I….well….fellow bloggers, I cannot tell a lie. The urge to stay in on the sofa with Mr Miff, chocs and TV was too great to resist. Neighbour was great about it. When I explained she said she’d have done the same except that she’d probably have fibbed about her reasons. Well, I never did! Shades of the online Miffy struggling to get out IRL, methinks. How embarrassing.

She got out at the weekend Wightmeet as well, regrettably, or not, acccording to the way you look at it. It was great to have a few days free from all responsibilities (bar a couple of agitated calls from MIL, who thought she’d had some money stolen. Luckily it turned out to be a false alarm) and to just bumble around the island with fellow bumblers. Going all reflective for a moment, I guess one reason for its success as far as I was concerned was that Mr Miff enjoyed himself, and felt included. This is difficult to explain, but, since we left our old church – and I’ll say ‘our’ despite the fact that spouse is a firm atheist. Mr Miff, despite some few attempts by folk in the church here, has never really fitted in. Partly because of distance and other committments, partly due also, I think, to the different situation. Over in Europe, you were, whether you wanted to be or not, part of a large, if fluid group of Anglo/American expats. Most folk lived far from family and old friends, and as such any groups such as social clubs, churches etc, formed a sort of substitute ‘family.’ With the church especially, small in numbers and formal programmes, but big on social contact, the boundaries of who’s in, who’s out, who believes and who doesn’t tended to be very flexible. Even though Mr Miff only attended services once a year, as here, it didn’t seem to be an issue. He was just Mr Miff, Miffy’s hubby, along with Tom, Dick and Harry, or Mary. There was no thought of trying to invite him to ‘seeker’ events or Alpha courses, no offers to pray for his eventual (or not) salvation. Whereas here, with the odd exception, his experience is more like mine at various of his work ‘does.’ You spent a couple of (slightly embarrassing) hours with a group of total strangers, half of whose names you can’t remember since you only see them once a year. They spend much of the time talking shop, the which you hesitate to join in with in case you make an embarrassing faux pas and show your other half up. Eventually it’s over and you breathe a sigh of relief.

This is getting far too deep for comfort. As for the escapee online Miffy, I’ll tell you about her escapades another time.