You Live and Learn

Did you know that "What a Friend We have in Jesus," can be sung to the tune of "Love Divine, all Loves excelling?"(Blaenwern) No, I didn’t either… until this morning during the offertory hymn. Not that I had a chance to experiment, as J (leader of my old homegroup) and I had been asked to take up the elements. The warden seemed to be slightly thrown, too, as he forgot to send us up until the hymn was almost over. So off we sailed, coats firmly fastened to conceal the fact that we were both wearing identical eye-searing multistriped cardis.* (We’d have looked like a couple of sticks of rock otherwise!). And to hide the toothpaste mark on my left trouser leg. (note to self: Never sit on the edge of the bath when cleaning your teeth. I got caught out this way last time as well! 🙂 )

According to Mr Miff, I am indeed a rock… of a different kind. This after yesterday’s house clearing and MIL visiting episodes. Stress got the better of both of them yet again, and yours truly was despatched to act as a go-between. Hence the squished budgie strapline. I’m considering changing that to a piece of stretched elastic, which about describes how both Mr M and myself feel whenever we visit at weekends. And by the time we’e even remotely beginning to recover, Monday is here again.

Ah well.

* My Shipmeet cardi, for those who’ve had the misfortune to meet me IRL! [thanks for the reminder, Maddie!]

3 thoughts on “You Live and Learn

  1. Thank you, thank you! I HATE "What a Friend we have in Jesus" simply because the tune just doesn’t match the words. You have saved my sanity. Watch out, congregation, next time that hymn’s chosen and I’m on the organ….

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