Bringing order into life

Not easy for a Miffy who lists procrastination as a hobby in her online profile. It’s become blindingly obvious that this should be my topic for the latest course assignment. So after a well-ordered morning (thanks in part to the after effects of the recent retreat) I sit down, pull out my notes from *cough* a month ago (surely not?!) and would you know it, out flows a really quite passable opening paragraph. The house is in decent state for a change, the ironing pile only the size of a molehill, the cat and dog are snoozing peacefully together instead of biting chunks out of each other. Peace, perfect peace, (topic number two). I’m onto a roll now, when….RING RING!!! "Mummy. Are you going into town?" "Why?" " I’ve left my clothes for the gig in my room! And I won’t have time to collect them before I have to catch the train!" Aaaaaaaggggghhhhh! (as yet more of the post retreat calm drains away).

Sigh…So I’ll sign off now, and hie me down to our local Anita Roddick emporium to drop off Ms Miff’s garments. (Can’t see what the difference is between her work stuff and the other; they’re both black….grumble grumble…but what do I know….grumble grumble…)

And I’ve just remembered I promised Mr M I’d phone his Mum to apologize for his bad temper last night. Groan. 🙁 Ah well.